Sadak's Experience

To be frank i believe no words can express the Divine pleasure i had when i was in guruji's presence. I never felt such joy and tranquility in my life. It's amazing. It's such a feel without which i'm incomplete. I am almost nil knowledged to say anything more on this. but my trial and Guruji's blessings shall give me the knowledge. Thanking the GOD for such a wonderful path.

- Padmavati B, Visakhapatnam

Snow clad mountains, whispering winds, clouds touching the peaks, streams gushing out between mountains as if to announce its arrival, the lush green forest as if to add color, the shadow of mountains on forest below as to show shades of color, the beautiful flowers of different colors as if to show different strokes of nature, birds creeping and humming as if praising the creator, behold the sight!!! The devine SHAKTIPATH the CREATOR & CREATION as ONE, yes this is SANMARGA the way of life.. The path of ONENESS.
-Jatin Shah, Hyderabad

If you are correct, clear and honest in what you want and believe that you will get it - YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT with the help of Sidha Sanmarga. Again, there is no forcing to choose this path but any path any GOD you wish to believe in you do things in the right way with the clear thought process!
I am pretty confident that you will eventually succeed and find a change in life by choosing this righteous path - my path - Sidha Sanmarga!
- Vani, Delhi

It made the real miracle in my personal life in short, it can do a LOT in all means - heals health, relationship bonding, career growth, financial up liftment (All your desires and wants will be given shapes). It gave wings to my desires and rejuvenated my life in a very nice beautiful path. It taught me the righteous path to walk. Showed me the true life and the difference between a 100 and 200 percent life. Now, i understood the real and true happiness of life which i am enjoying 24X7.
- Vani, Delhi

DESSERTS - the golden kingdom of the creator, the dazzling sun, the roaring winds, the sand-scrape so majestic, the splendor of golden silky sand, the footprints as if creator walked on it in the form of creation, mirages - as if Maya comes and disappears on its own, cactus and palm trees as if to add to add a tinge of life and the whirl winds as if to say deathless I be, the CREATOR and CREATION in its ETERNAL GLORY, yes this is SANMARGA -- the way of LIFE, the path FINITE TO INFINITE.
-Jatin Shah, Hyderabad

Volcanoes: Everything and everywhere is FIRE, Lord RUDHRA performing the Pralaya - the dance of TANDAV, fire oozing out from Lord's third eye. GOLDEN rivers of LAVA flowing out- Here is the creator in the form of GURU who takes the creation from darkness of despair and ignorance to the LIGHT of knowledge and Wisdom, and yes this is SANMARGA the righteous way to live life -- The Guru's path!
-Jatin Shah, Hyderabad

VALLEYS - KASHMIR, the land of superlatives, the land of lakes, clear streams, towering mountains, with their white peaks beautifully contrasting the green, gold's and browns of the valleys and meadows in between. Alpine passes, Dal lake, the char chinars, house boats, mughal gardens, Glistening glaciers, gushing silvery streams of ice water and dense pine and cedar forest with soft whistling winds and revitalizing air as if CREATOR as an artist exploring its infinite potential. When the CREATOR goes deeper within himself the true SELF comes into being. The real mysteries of Unconditional LOVE, Heart felt COMPASSION Comes. The shuttle but intense feeling of oneness with the CREATOR. Yes this is SANMARGA -- The journey within the SELF, for the SELF, with the SELF and BEYOND (THE SELFLESS SELF).
-Jatin Shah, Hyderabad

With eyes closed and darkness around, suddenly I feel am falling. Without knowing where I will land I wait to determine how deep it goes and it goes on as an endless fall; the heart starts pounding and it feels miserable. This happens to first timers I guess. As few more moments pass by, I see that I am actually floating and feel more relaxed. It seems like a movie being played in my mind. This happens to me whenever I dive inside my own self. Every time there's a whole new experience and it always becomes peaceful towards the end. Many times I see beautiful landscapes and sometimes its blank; but even the blank is peaceful. After many such experiences, there comes a moment of infinite joy, happiness and peace. Any language or words can least describe this moment, but those who experience it can only know the true value of this moment. Guru’s blessing gave me this experience in just a few weeks. I am truly fortunate to be with Siddha Sanmarga. Every time I sit in meditation, it elevates me to a higher level. Day by day I am becoming more aware, more peaceful and calm.

Finally, I have found a path to the journey of infinite!!
- Jatin Mehta, Hyderabad

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