Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dynamic Cosmic Intelligence for Children

Did you ever wonder why only few people are smart enough in the world? Did you wonder why only few people can think creatively and why there are only few geniuses in the world? Do you know that only a small percentage of our brain is used to think? Did you ever wonder why some people can’t do things that others easily can?

Well, that is because our brain development is based on the experiences that we gather during our lifetime. Our brains are very dynamic and change for the better or for worse throughout the individual’s life. The emotional traumas or mental conditioning that we encounter in our life can alter the very structure or connections in our brain and there by dictate our ability to function. In simple words, our brain is no different than rest of the muscles in our body. The more we use it, the more it grows. Genius is the result of perfectly developed “brain” coupled with a perfectly developed mind.

In a simple metaphor, our brain is like the hardware of a computer and our mind is like the software. The software is built for the hardware and vice versa. For effective functioning, it is not enough if we upgrade the software called mind, through various yogic practices and meditations, but we also need to upgrade the hardware called brain. After all, the most advanced software too proves ineffective on a poor hardware.

Out brain is made up of cells called neurons. At birth, each neuron in the cerebral cortex has approximately 2,500 synapses (connections). But, by the time an infant is two or three years old, the number of synapses is approximately 15,000 synapses per neuron, and this is exactly the reason why we can learn so much during our childhood. As we age, old connections are deleted through a process called synaptic pruning and if new connections are not formed, i.e. if the brain is not upgraded, we end up with limited brain function.

SriVidya, from time immemorial, is considered as the best of the best and most exhaustive of sadhanas in order to develop both the brain and mind and aligning our mind with the soul. If just gazing at the Bindu of the SriChakra in a specific yogic way can induce great changes in corpus callosum of brain, just imagine the positive benefits one can have by learning and doing the advanced secrets of SriVidya.

This long-forgotten ancient sadhana of SriVidya, which is capable to positively increase neuroplasticity (ability of the brain to change, for better or for worse, throughout the individual’s life span), spatial cognition, and cognitive modifiability is what Siddha Guru Atmananda calls as Dynamic Cosmic Intelligence.