Sri Atmanand Ji –  A Sadhak’s beloved Guru

Sri Atmanand Ji (Dr. K.S.S. Prakash) is a self realized Siddha Master carrying a great amount of wisdom about ‘The Wisdom’. Highly spiritualistic by nature, yet he speaks the modern language of our Vedic science.  At a very young age, he was initiated into this divine Siddha way by a great Himalayan Siddha, who opened the doors of wisdom at their very first meeting. Being a true seeker, he strived to unfold the realms of spiritual reality and embraced the divine wisdom.

In his pursuit for God realization, Sri Atmanand Ji approached many Siddha saints and higher masters, and was blessed with the eternal cosmic light and many miraculous healing powers. Under their guidance, he practiced and mastered the sacred Himalayan meditation techniques, which have been maintained a secret for many centuries and are passed on only to the worthy disciples.  He aims to revive this divine knowledge back to the masses to make this world a better place.

After attaining a doctorate degree in medical sciences, Sri Atmanand Ji continued to explore the benefits of these meditation practices and how the cosmic light and its associated energies can be attuned to benefit a common man. Sri Atmanand Ji says – “Mankind was not meant to suffer, but to experience the best of the best on the planet Earth. It is only through ignorance and accumulation of negative karmas there is untold suffering”. The Vedas have solution for everything but they are encoded in the esoteric form.  Words could least explain this wisdom, it is only the experience that reveals its true meaning.  Sri Atmanand Ji, through his teachings, reveals the true meaning in an ‘absolutely-scientific way’.

The modern science has proven that every human body is surrounded by various energies that influence one’s Mind and Body chemistry and vice-versa.  Sri Atmanand Ji has done extensive research on this subject and determined how Meditation practices can help in harmonizing them.  In his endeavors, Sri Atmanand Ji has devised state-of-the-art meditation techniques to heal various life situations.  It also remains a fact that one gets miraculous healing powers by regularly practicing meditation.

Motivated with the ever-flowing unconditional love towards mankind, Sri Atmanand Ji has founded Siddha Sanmarga, an organization aimed to serve the human society.  At Siddha Sanmarga, Sri Atmanand Ji conducts various programs to initiate people into the same cosmic light and reveal the secrets of this Himalayan way of cosmic healing and meditation, which is simple, easy-to-follow, and yet yields quicker positive results.  All methods are unique and designed by Sri Atmanand Ji himself.  In his sessions, he talks about the sacred wisdom of ancient India that has been diluted in the modern era with unrealistic myths.

Willingness to listen, Patience to understand, Strength to support, and a Heart to care, which is full of divine love is how he is described in short!  With his sagacious wisdom, glorious compassion, unique personality, realistic experience, and unconditional Love; he makes every individual stand out with bright confidence from within, irrespective of his/her situation.  The best part of guruji’s teachings is that they are a perfect blend of oriental and occidental approach, i.e. he explains the esoteric wisdom in an ‘absolutely-scientific way’. Presently, he is spreading highest cosmic healing lights, which are not limited to electric violet, electric purple, electric pink, electric diamond, and electric golden through the courses that he conducts throughout the country.  Guruji is initiating and revealing this cosmic meditation/healing in a really easy-to-follow way, where there are no rules to follow, but one certainly attains ultimate peace from within in all aspects of one’s life.  This Himalayan way of Cosmic healing yields faster and quicker positive results not only for physical ailments, but also for clearing all the chaos in one’s life.

Apart from conducting these regular courses and seminars, guru Atmananda, has also conducted meditation courses for imparting efficient Leadership and Management qualities and “releasing” stress and anxiety to the Senior Executives of Corporates like Satyam Ventures, QSI, and many more.  He has also been conducting FREE Mass Karmic Healing sessions and FREE Experiential Workshops at various places like Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Calcutta, Punjab, and Gujarat to name a few.  In these sessions, he talks about the sacred wisdom of ancient India in a revived form and opens the gates of esoteric knowledge for the common man scientifically while simultaneously healing every individual. His teachings guide everyone to use this divine energy to lead a complete and 200% successful life, ultimately reaching one’s own divine destiny; i.e. the Union with the Infinite in bliss.  His mission is to take this eternal Cosmic light to every individual on this planet Earth and there by turn this world a better place to live in.

Sri Atmanand Ji’s mission is to give the divine Cosmic light to every individual on this planet and help them achieve 200% happiness to lead a successful life.

''Gurunath Atmanandji is a genuine and authentic spiritual guiding light, who points with great clarity to the simplicity and wonder of nondual presence.''

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