Q1.  What is Fourth-Dimension and how is it connected to the Deep Science of the Sri-Vidya Shakti Triangle.

Ans: There is a lot of chaos these days with respect to this fourth dimension.  A lot of people want to scare us talking about the destruction and a lot of people also try to lure us talking about the benefits of this.   To understand what would happen to us in fourth dimension or after 2012, we should first understand what after all this fourth dimension is all about.

This entire world is esoterically understood only through the science of triangles.  If this science of triangles is understood properly, then we can understand us.   When looked from the point of view of this triangular vidya – the Sri Vidya, we understand that human being experiences himself in three states of consciousness, i.e. jagruthi, swapna, and shushupthi.  In modern language, awake, dreaming, and sleep state.  But we do need a fourth state that most of us have not yet experienced yet.  We are either awake and are always complaining about the odds of our life, or dreaming or asleep.  While awake we complain about what we have and what we want and how things are stopping us or how we want to achieve things.  Thus we are lead by our own logic or thought process by which again we make a triangle.  Human mind is so mysterious; it builds a home with its own logic and gets lost in it to be its own prisoner.  We are the prisoners of our own logic if we properly look at ourselves. 

When we come to the dream state, we here too make our own triangle, i.e. we are the dreamer, we are the dream, and the process of dream.  We do not stop at that but we do also make various triangles with relation to the bigger triangle.  To explain this for example we take a dream where you see yourself being chased by a person.  There is a triangle of you the person being chased and the person chasing you and the chase itself.  Then, in the dream, we make the logical sequence of you trying to run away from the person chasing you and he trying to catch you and you finally getting caught by that man, etc.  In the bigger triangle of dream, we make further smaller triangles of logical sequence.

When we come to the sleep state, we here too make our own triangle, but here he triangle is disrupted or broken as you are not aware of the sleep.  As long as you are aware of your sleep, you are not actually sleeping.  But when you are not aware of the sleep and when there is no person sleeping and the process of sleep, but just pure sleep then there is the state where the person enters into the geometrical center of the triangle of sleep.  That is why siddhas say sleep is so close to meditation, but is much inferior to meditation.  A perfect state in meditation is explained as a state of awareness-less awareness, but sleep is described as a state of unawareness.  If you can see there is a very very vital thing missing in sleep when compared to meditation, i.e. awareness.  So, sleep state is a useless state for furthering of human awareness though it can recharge brain and vital organs by helping him to obtain some amount of cosmic energy.

So, we see there is always this process of one triangle superimposing the other.  We realize or not, the objective world is made out of this so called divine Srichakra. It is divine because it exists as the background of all existence but never as the existence itself as the god.   If we see even god exists as the background consciousness.  For example there is a class room with students and the board in the class is absolutely empty.  When the professor enters and asks pointing to the blank white board, what is this; the students will generally says it is white board.   If somebody draws a triangle on the board and then the professor comes and asks the same thing same way, then the students will definitely answer as it is a triangle.  This shows that the movement we create something, we forget the background of its creation and fall in to the creation.   The statement ‘’God created the world out of his own dream and fell into to it’’ can well be understood in this case. 

So to experience the true nature of us, we have to break the triangle and enter into the fourth state of “subjective awareness”.  Here the esoteric statement of squaring the square up can very well be understood.

We need to break the triangle made by our consciousness in the awake, dream, and sleep states; and achieve the experience of its divine center called the subjective center of the triangle.

For example, now you are hearing to me.  There is a triangle, one you, second me, and my talk.  There is a subtle difference between you listening to me and hearing to me.  Hearing is a process where there is the existence of this triangle of you, me, and the talk.  Here while my words reach your brain, your mind understands the words, simultaneously analysis it, and try to compare it with its previous information and also you try to comment on it.  With every action there is again creation of multiple dimensions of triangles in it.  In listening, my words reach your brain, and your mind just gets lost in what I am talking or it’s content.  Here there is no listening to me, or me telling you, or the way I talk or a process called talk.  You just get lost in the content so much that u will be in a state of trance where all you do is just listen.  In hearing you get excited about my talk and in listening you get the experience of my talk’s content.  This is the higher fourth state I am talking about.  Here there is no triangle but just its subjective awareness, the truth.  Me, you, and the process of my talk here actually come out of content of my talk, but as long as you are in the lower principles of your consciousness that is the triangle of consciousness or the triangle of inevitability, you can never experience the talk or reach its true objective.  Triangle of inevitability when it comes to your experience of consciousness is the jagruti, swapna, and shushuptha awastha.  When you are in a consciously awake while listening to me you can never experience my talk as you make so many triangles along with the triangle of you listing to what I am talking like you will be conscious of people around you and we will be aware of the color of your dress and their and the similarity and the matching that happened with the person next to you and so on.  If you are dreaming, then of course you can never understand the content of the talk as the basic primordial triangle itself is missing here and there are other triangles.  In sleeping state also you can never understand the talk as the basic triangle is missing as the talk is not there for you.  But in this fourth state of awareness-less awareness called “the subjective awareness” there is the full experience of talk.  In fact, you can only know or feel this subjective awareness only when there is a disturbance and reconstruction of triangle of inevitability by some means.  Say for instance, me stopping the talk, interrupting the talk, or your friend asking you something etc.

That is the reason I always say “the objective of yoga can only be perceived in the subjective awareness of you, but not by the objective thinking or working by you.”

So the fourth dimensional state is subjective awareness of you.  Dimension is your own view point created or perceived by your own mind. 

Then why are we forced to enter into this subjective awareness as a mass.  As human beings have 72 lakh chakras and 72 lakh nadis and a kundalini, the earth also has 72 lakh chakras and 72 lakh nadis and a kundalini.  Those who know about the Sandhra Sindhu Veda in Shambala village know about this.  In fact, kundalini exists to every county, state, city, town, village, and area too.  All these kundalini together make the earth’s whole kundalini.
How this happens can be explained best basically in this way:  Every individual is made up of approximately 60 trillion cells.  It is said in our Vedas
Ya devi sarva bhooteshu chetana rupena samastita
Namastasye Namastasye Namastasye Namo Namaha.

So every cell has individual consciousness.  All the cell’s consciousness joins to form a person’s individual consciousness.  The kundalini is considered as the Chiti shakthi on the human being.  Chiti means consciousness.  So there is cellular consciousness adding up to individual consciousness.  All individual’s consciousness or kundalini living in one area, village, city, etc. join and become collective  consciousness of that area.  People say these days “I like this, I like that, I want it that way” etc.  If a person says I want things this way that is generally influenced by this collective consciousness of the area.  For example, will a person living in USA would wear a dhoti or sari daily or would he generally feel comfortable wearing it daily.  That is because he is influenced by the collective consciousness of the area.   Collective consciousness of the area influences larger collective consciousness and in this way we are under the influence of global and universal cosmic consciousness and many universe’s universal cosmic consciousness make up to what in Sanatana Dharma is called Siva Consciousness

As consciousness is the kundalini, there is area kundalini and finally universal kundalini and we are controlled or influenced by it in many ways.  But how to awaken the local or area kundalini is only known to fourth dimensional siddhas, who have the access to Sandhra Sindhu Veda in Shambala village.

The universal cosmic consciousness or universal cosmic kundalini is in the process of evolution and that is the reason why all the siddhas are talking about this fourth dimension.  So what happens in this evolution of kundalini is there will a new generation of people who will come with advanced kundalini or consciousness where there is constant awareness even while they have the three other states of consciousness, i.e. jagruthi, Swapna, and shushupthi.  Man came from apes or monkeys is what science says, but then the man who came from them was better then monkeys.  Now day by day man is under evolution, so there is better level of consciousness in human beings today than that of five to ten generations prior.  The golden year of 2012, is like a fulcrum to a further human consciousness evolution.  By 2124, there will such an advanced race of humans on this planet that they can do things which we cannot even imagine.  Science will speed its advancement at a very high speed.  Science will grow 10180 times its current speed and achieve many new mile stones.  This great speed is due to the heavy influx of energies of Uranus into human consciousness and these are the energies that Siddha Sanmarga® is interested in giving to people to make them forerunners.

Q2.   What is Siddha Sanmarga Dyan Sadhana ,& Its Aim?

Ans.  Siddha means perfect and Sanmarga means righteous path"Siddha Sanmarga" means the perfect righteous path.  Only that path can be called as ‘Sanmarga’, which is not based on static and rigid thinking, but is out of free and honest thinking, conviction, and benediction to lead a person to complete or total liberation of his mind.  When complete or total liberation of mind is the goal, the age-old methods, dogmas, rules, and religious practices; which most of us have been following, have to be discarded at once as freedom alone can lead to freedom; but not rigid conditioning of mind to total freedom of mind.  That being said, Siddha Sanmarga Satya Sangam® is not a religious organization or a cult, but a congregation of souls who are working for complete or total liberation of their mind.  So it is a no path’s path.  It encourages and tries to inculcate free and honest thinking in its people there by making it easy for them to lead a life of clarity and conviction than that of confusion.

As the great saying goes, “Prajnanam Brahma”, the true inner infinite potential or the supreme wisdom present within in each one of us is the Brahma.  When the supreme wisdom is already present within us, why do we trouble ourselves in acquiring so much information in the name of Jnana.  We simply acquire information in the name of jnana and do not even know how to convert information into knowledge and thereby into wisdom, but do certainly confuse information for wisdom and feel contented or misguided thus falling prey to ego.  So, Siddha Sanmarga® emphasizes that true spirituality is a process of unlearning of psychic conditioning and information burden in our system, then to add more.  This is precisely why Siddha Sanmarga® is easy to follow as it does not encourage its people in endless hours of listening to someone else’s wisdom, but to rely on “experience”.  It advocates that the only way to attain perfect peace is through experience, but not mugging up useless pieces of information from various books.  Siddha Sanmarga Dhyan™ does definitely give you that inexplicable experience of inner joy and truth from its very first meditation itself, when done under the able guidance of guru Atmanand Ji (though this is hard to believe – you better experience yourself to vouch for it.)
Siddha Sanmarga Dhyan guides us towards spiritual progress and enables us to achieve and shape up all material and spiritual desires and finally achieve a state of “Desire-less Desire”.  Siddha Sanmarga® unfolds the Inner Infinite Potential that resides within oneself.  This is not a technique; it’s a way of life.
Whatever happens in our life, the happiness or sorrow that we experience are a result of our past Karmas accumulated over our innumerable births.  These stored Karmas are a reason for our unhappiness, failures, diseases, scarcity, poor relationship, mental stress and trauma etc.  The Siddha Gurus have revealed that we have the potential of dissolving our past stored Karmas by invoking the Divine Cosmic Energy – Datta Jyothi & Shiva Jyothi.  The Divine Energy releases our past negative Karmas and brings unlimited happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance and health in our lives.  However, none of the shastras reveal the ways and means to activate these powers.  They were kept secret and only transferred from master to worthy disciple through shaktipath.
Generally, it is said that only Guru can unlock the door that leads to GOD.  Fortunately, with the divine grace of Lord Sreepada Sreevallabha, Guru Atmananda ji does ‘Shaktipath (giving the spark of the soul), Pranapath (linking the breath of the master with that of the student), and Shivpath (linking the master’s kundalini with that of the student)’ in Siddha Sanmarga Healing & Dhyan Shivir, which connects us to our very own inner infinite potential, which we have lost connection with, and we are blessed with the powers to invoke the Divine Cosmic Energy to rain on us.
Through Siddha Sanmarga Meditation & Healing - the Himalayan way, we are not only connected to ‘the highest divine healing energies known to man till date but also to what the greatest guru “Sri Ramalinga Swamigal” called “Grace Light , An initiate will experience continuous and constant flow of a beautiful light called the “Grace Light”, which has the divine alchemical properties.  By invoking these energies, our body starts vibrating at a very high level, thereby throwing out problems and disease‑causing negative energy.  Chakra cleansing is immediate, and we feel light, clear, and joyous almost instantaneously.  Every student can experience the heaven gates pour down the cosmic light as a rain just by his mere wish.  Thus with the burning of our Karmas, cleansing of Chakras, and energizing nerve plexus (nadis), we start materializing what we want in life.
Going after your desires/goals is not always as easy as it sounds, but the rewards of obtaining what your heart desires are priceless.  We all in this world are working towards our goals.  The goals are set by the mind and we happen to develop a lot of stress by straining our mind in the process of goal manifestation.  If we increase the energy level of the mind and let this energy work towards our goal, we would never have stress in our lives.  Siddha Sanmarga by using secret Himalayan methods enables you change your basic level of energy and work towards holistic and harmonious mind by its goal-oriented meditation.
In short, Siddha Sanmarga will give you a Glimpse of:-

*    Self healing with the highest divine cosmic light known to man till date in any yuga/age pouring down on you just by your mere wish.
*    Experience a deeper state of Samadhi.
*   Experience a continuous connection with your heart soul to the soul star through the Ajna chakra Continuously (standing, walking, working or meditating – practically in every movement)
*  Find peace within yourself by loving unconditionally and living unconditionally through your inner infinite potential.  Let the bud in you unfold into your own flower of life.
 *   Manage challenging work situations with greater calmness and clarity of mind.
*    Enhance personal productivity.  Focus the mind where you want it to go, to achieve results more quickly and effectively
*    Watch every aspect of your life skyrocket with your new found inner peace.
*   Start taking your life in the direction you want it to be taken!  Don't let karma decide what you should do or where you should go!
* Get rid of anxiety and stress, don’t let them lead your life – recognize and release them.
 In general, Siddha Sanmarga meditation develops your ability to feel connected to life.  Meditators in Siddha Sanmarga often describe a deep sense of trust, support, and guidance that comes in their meditation practice.
Every sadhak in Siddha Sanmarga says, meditation is a catalyst to mental relief and also says, one doesn’t need to run after happiness it comes to oneself automatically and unconditionallyImagine how you would feel if you have all the above with vibrant health by making your daily life harmonious, blissful and unconditionally happy with success in every sphere of life.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Look at your current life.  Do you really want or feel like you are missing something? If so,
Siddha Sanmarga can give you all that you want , in essence a free and balanced mind.  A Best way to have a Best Life!  Siddha Sanmarga shows you the power of your creative mind and propels you towards this goal of spiritual upliftment or the ascension, which is ahead in 2012.