Sanmarga Holistic Wellbeing

This program is a progressive initiative of Sri Siddha Sanmarga.

Why this program? 

This program is initiated Out of Guru ji’s will to establish peace in every individual and in the  society at large.  This program is designed with an aim to establish greater balance of the mind and heart; for one to experience increased focus, enhanced personal productivity, greater calmness, and replacing anxiety/stress with relief.

What happens in it?

‘Sanmarga Holistic Wellbeing’ consists of guided group meditation sessions, aided by initiated Mantras of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji in the form of Sanmarga CD’s, where Supramental Healing is achieved with the supreme grace and blessings of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji and the Ascended Masters of the White Lotus Clan.

Who conducts this program?

Any enthusiastic and dedicated Sanmarga Volunteer of “Sri Siddha Sanmarga,” who is willing to be a part of the “SOHAM BHAVANA” and who is devoted and committed to his “GURU” and his own “I AM”. 

Guidelines for Sanmarga Volunteer:
  • It is important that the Sanmarga Volunteer, who wish to conduct/facilitate the program, has to take prior permission from Guru ji by writing an email, showing his Interest, to Email ID :
  • After the permission is granted, he should speak to Sanmarga Volunteer Ganesh Kumar (Vizag), who is appointed as Sanmarga Wellbeing Coordinator, to understand the guidelines of the program.  Mob: 09848533889
  • Sanmarga Volunteer is expected to always be humble and responsible to drive the values of Sanmarga at the session.
    • Maintain 4S’s : Simple, Secret, Silent and Sacred about the Sadhana/Meditation practice.
    • 3D’s: Detachment at mind level, Devoted and Dedicated to ‘I Am’.
  • It should be made clear to the participants of the session that the Sanmarga Volunteer,  who is conducting/facilitating is for guiding one and all.  Healing happens only with the supreme grace of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji.
  • It is important to understand that, being a Sanmarga Volunteer to facilitate/coordinate “Sanmarga Holistic Wellbeing” is a responsibility and not an authority of any kind.  Being a Sanmarga Volunteer doesn’t make one a senior sadhak and hence we shall always avoid to teach anything to the people attending the program and try to make them focus on the experience.
  • If there are any questions related to meditation or any other questions, Sanmarga Volunteer should encourage people to visit our website, check our youtube channel for answers from Guruji or write to us @
  • Any kind of formalities like serving tea/coffee and snacks etc, should be avoided during gatherings, as this takes away focus from the experience.
  • Sanmarga Volunteer should take the details of the people attending the program in the form provided by Sri Siddha Sanmarga. The data has to be sent to Sri Siddha Sanmarga coordinator (INDIA) Mr. Manjunath Pai over an email on monthly basis.
  • To conduct the program, Sanmarga Volunteer should make sure that there is a gathering of more than 15 people to go and conduct the program.

 Where can we do these programs? 

  •     Any pleasant and peaceful location
    • (Public Park, silent & vacant temple premise, if we have prior permission to conduct and also the given place is approved by Guideline Coordinator Sanmarga Volunteer, Ganesh Kumar)
  • At the residence of Sanmarga Volunteer.
  • At others residences on prior request to Sanmarga Volunteer. 

Logistics for the Session:

  • Laminated “3D Yantra picture of Guru ji” should be placed at the Location.
  • “Samarga Holistic Wellbeing” Banner / Standee (with Guru ji’s photo and mission statements).
  • CD player/Laptop with speaker (speaker size depends on the location).
  • Printout/Mail of ‘About the Program guidelines’ and ‘I AM’ prayer to be circulated ( It is good  to have, but optional for volunteer).
  • Banner/Standee design, to present Sanmarga treasure (Display cover’s of all SanmargaCD’s  with a tagline of benefit/result of the CD) , Sanmarga APP, and info of website, FB, youtube (optional to volunteer at initial stage)
  • SHW specific audio CD.

Procedure of the program:

  •  Sanmarga Volunteer would present the objective of the program along with small brief about SSS and Siddha Guru Atmanada Ji.  Please remember to keep it as simple and short. 
  • Play Video by Guruji on “Sanmarga Holistic Wellbeing”. ( it is also optional to volunteer )
  • Sanmarga Volunteer would guide participants towards healing request in the following way. Anyone who is having specific healing request will write their request in a slip ( It will be good if volunteer can provide empty slips to write wishes) and keep with them during mediation. Else healing always happens for holistic growth. 
  • All participants will be guided to close their eyes and sit in relaxed position throughout the session.
  • Volunteer along with any other Sanmarga sadhak’s in the session will do the full “Sanmarga Invocation” with closed lips to begin the meditative session.
  • Play the CD.
  • After completion of the meditation we should show our gratitude by saying "We thank to Guru Atmananda ji and Ancient hierarchy of siddha gurus for showering their grace and blessings on all of us"
  • At the beginning or at the end of the session, collect the info of the people attended the session.
  • Understand the feedback of people in general about the session.
  • Announce the Information about SHIVIR dates at the location, in case of upcoming programs.
  • Pass the information about the Sanmarga Prayer app and ask them to all to use in their daily life.
  • Display of the Sanmarga CD’s album and take request, if any, for CD orders.