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               Program: "Sanmarga Sri Vidya Dhyan and Supramental Healing"
                                                             Timing: 9AM to 6PM 
                                       Eligibility: Anyone / Prior Registration Mandatory
                                                  Contact Person : Siddha Sanmarga 
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                     "Brahma Vidyam Tasyam Ramyate iti Bharatha"
Meaning:  A place where people ‘enjoy’ life by realising the secrets of Bramha Vidya is called Bharat.

Bramha Vidya or Sri Vidya is the knowledge of ‘SELF’.  Sanmarga Sri Vidya is the practice of aligning the 'SELF' in an effortless but effective way that it is one with the universal consciousness, after which the experience of bliss with still and calm mind happens naturally 24/7.  To achieve an ascent of our consciousness into that oneness, we need to heal ourselves at physical, emotional, mental and etheric levels.

Siddhaguru says that a life of emotional childishness and intellectual genius is natural to us, if we know how to align our mind to the cosmos.  He further says, as a freely suspended magnet aligns itself to the geometric north and south, a free mind too aligns instantly to the cosmos; but our rigid mental conditionings does not allow that easily.   

This two-day experiential workshop with SiddhaGuru Atmanandaji leaves us with an overwhelming experience of that oneness, still and peaceful mind, and an ever-blissful heart.  It is like a ride of a life.  SiddhaGuru has devised state-of-art and simple-to-follow meditation techniques by which one would instantly experience the INNER SELF ( I AM ) due to his immensely powerful initiations through Shaktipata, Pranapata, and Shivapata dikshas.   This also makes us have the highest level of healing available.

As Swami Vivekananda said, “You have to grow from the inside out. No one can teach you, no one can make you spiritual. There’s no other teacher but your own soul.”  So, only an experience of our own true self, even if its is momentary, has the power to make us stop getting influenced by circumstances and resonate to the inner infinite potential.

SIDDHA SANMARGA SATYA SANGAM welcomes you into 'A way of Life' to unfold our inner infinite potential and harness complete success or a blissful life with 100% materialistic and 100% spiritual abundance.  Hence we at Siddha Sanmarga say , 'Live life 200% ' and arrive to the world of freedom through the gateway called Sri Vidya Meditation - THE SANMARGA WAY!!!

Sanatana Dharma has always believed that the world began from the god in the form of zero. Param Shunya was always synonymous with Nirakara Parabrahman. In fact, all of the greatest of the great Siddhas always contemplated only on Nirakara Parabrahman as SriVidya Sadhana. The science could not explain how this existence came into existence. Yet it has proved that the world is continuously expanding. If it is expanding continuously, then it should have been started from a point or zero. The science has also believed this with Big Bang Theory. The science has always been at loss to explain how did something came out of nowhere. Our Sanatana Dharma has always explained this through Yoga or as the Brahma Vidya called SriVidya.

Einstein believed that there is always another antiparticle to some particle. He expounded that when antiparticle and particle mix together, then there will be nothing and when one will consume the other, the whole thing is dissolutes into zero or nothing. This thought came out of the sacred texts of Hinduism where it is said through ages that “everything is created from him, by him, and will eventually merge back into to him. It is he alone, who takes up the three roles of construction, destruction, and dissolution of this universe. How this exactly happens is well known only to the true sadhaks of SriVidya..

Something out of nothing can only come with the power of yoga. Our entire Vedantic Darshana systems have expounded about this in detail. The entire Sankhya Darshana was dedicated in explaining this. The literal meaning of yoga is to mix something together or addition. With the power of yoga, Shiva created the whole universe out of nothing and this can be explained by the extract of Bhagwan Kapil Maharshi expounded Sankhya Darshana.

0 = 5 - 5
0 = (5) + (-5)
0 = (3 + 2) + [-(8 - 3)]
0 = (9 - 6 + 4 - 2) + [-(5 + 3 - 5 + 2)]
= ............ and so on (This is addition or Yoga)
Yoga is not the exercise. Some say the literal meaning of yoga means samyoga (addition) of the brahma padarda and some say yoga in a yogi’s point of view is to know the path that can “create” anything out of his own “inner empty space”. The Rishis of the older times have developed the science by which anyone can increase the power of yoga within oneself and thereby creating and destroying whatever they wanted.

Actually, yoga is a state of being. That is the reason why the guru of all gurus “lord Krishna” mentioned “yogastha kuru karmani.” The true meaning of yoga can actually be understood by this. He meant or if literal translation is to be taken “do actions in the state of yoga”. Now what is this “state of yoga”? The samyoga is the addition of the particles and viyoga is the division of particles, but the state of yoga is a state where is total or absolute stillness, i.e. a state where there is no addition or division of the particle consciousness within us.

SANMARGA SRI-VIDYA :- This is a program where these ancient secrets of the great wisdom called Sri Vidya or absolute stillness are shared for the first time to sadhaks. Hexagonal Sri-Vidya is also called Sri-Shambhava Sri-Vidya Sadhana-“The Sadhana of Seven Shambhava Dham”, as we know that Sri Chakra is multidimensional. So this hexagon sadhana is a sadhana of followings:-

  • It is a sadhana of complete Sri-Chakra.
  • Sadhana of “Bindu Chakra”.
  • The Dimensions (Shakti) in the Bindu Chakra.
  • The Dimensions above the Bindu.
  • The Sadhana of Seven Shambhava Dham, we think that our seven chakras resides in our Pran-Maya 
    Kosha, Siddha Sanmarga wants you to Experience the Real Seven Chakra, which Exists in these Seven 
    Shambhava, The seven chakra of Prana-Maya Kosha are the Mirror Refelection of these Seven Chakrs of
     our Soul Star. During the dhyan sadhana these higher dimensional real seven chakras will be awakened 
    and experienced. These seven chakras have different dimensions , Shaktis & beej mantras.
  • All the Dimensions beyond the Bindu Chakra, because Lalita-Tripura Sundari resides in Sri-Chakra, above 
    the Sri-Chakra & Lalita Tripurasundari is beyond the Sri-Chakra also.
Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji says Sri-Vidya is a sadhana of deletion (Reversal process "Malfunction  Mantra"). Wherever we are, we just have to delete everything. It means leave everything (by mind) and when everything is left, the "Param-Shunya", remains. Param Shunya means "The stillness" which is beyond experience by our physical senses. Shunya does not have its own existence, but it exists as a background consciousness to everything and It is beyond existence. Sri-Vidya is a Sadhana of "Shunya- The Nothingness".

When we do Sri-Vidya, the following processes happen:

  • The Shunya Sadhana (destruction of karmas).
  • The Infinite Process of Creation "Yoga" (Sadhana of Creation).
  • The Sadhana of Awareness "Sathiti Chakra".
  • The Realization.
  • Advance Healing & Meditation to heal your financial problems & grow in all aspects of life.

  • Siddha Kriya Meditation to remove all your sorrows & Miseries.

  • Shiva Maha kameshwari Sadhana to heal your relationships.

  • Siddha Vastu Gyan & Sadhana, to heal the vastu of your home & workplace.

  • Karma Shuddhi Sadhana, to get rid of past life karmas and to improve good fortune in life.

  • Techniques to develop and improve emotional intelligence along with meditations to come out of past emotions that trouble us.

  • Meditations that accelerate your personal and professional life.

  • Saraswati Sadhana to improve memory and intelligence in kids and adults.

  • Meditations to be free from psychic impressions.

  • Meditations that teach how be calm and composed, even in difficult-to-handle situations.

  • Techniques that teach how to create positive, loving, and peaceful atmosphere around you.

  • Healing techniques to heal your various life situations almost instantly.

  • Understand the science of cosmic birth & cosmic meditation.

    Note: “All the above-mentioned sadhanas are meditative in nature and are not outward puja rituals as it is said
     Antharmukha Samaradhya Bahirmukha Sudhurlabha.”