Friday, August 13, 2010

4th Dimentional Dhyan and Healing @ Baroda - 14th TO 16th Oct, 2011

  (Venue : Relish Hotel, Akshar Chowk, Old Padra Road, Vododara, BARODA  Contact: 07032700210)

By the grace of Lord Sreepada Sreevallabha; come, experience & learn 4th Dimensional Dhyan and Healing from the realized master Gurunath Atmanandji and achieve complete success in a righteous way.

To participate in this program you need to pre-register:

Date & Time:      From 15th to 16th Oct, 2011 (9am - 5pm)
Venue:                       Relish Hotel, Akshar Chowk, Old Padra Road, Vododara, Baroda

Eligibility:                  ANYBODY

What would you experience?

Kundalini Awakening and DNA Activation through Prana Path, Shakti Path, and Shiva Path.
Invocation of the divine Datta Jyoti, Shiva Jyoti, Arut Jyoti and 4th dimension healing energies
(Datta jyothi is the divine grace of Lord Dattatreya. This is a combination of Electric golden, electric pink, and electric violet etc. This is the highest healing light known to man in any yuga.)

(Shiva jyothi is the divine healing fire of lord Shiva, which when initiated a sadhak will experience continuous flow of electric golden and electric violet healing fire from his both eyes and third eye.)

(Aruth Jyothi is the divine Grace Light as described the great guru Swami Ramalinga. This is an alchemical white light. This light, when initiated, sadhak will experience continuous flow of divine light from his heart. This is the light that our shasthras have described as “unconditional love”. The power of this light or the healing ability of this light is immeasurable. It is a myth that unconditional love is pink in color.)

* Meditation techniques to improve peace and harmony within ourselves and others: Meditation on how to attune to the frequency of the universe (the holy Shiv-Shiva) and basic Siddha Vruksha yoga, which will magnetize the body (this meditation is a part of Kaya Kalpa).

* Himalayan Omkar Meditation:
Very powerful to destroy any karmic factor.v How to disconnect unwanted negative/lower-dimensional emotional ties: The positive energies the sadhak achieves are sometimes drained due to lower-dimensional emotional ties. This can prove to be a heavy loss and proves the sadhana to be filling a pot of holes. This can be avoided using this Himalayan method.
  • Asthra Sadhana.
  • Shiva Dhanda Sadhana.
  • Various 4th Dimensional healing techniques and mantras for various aspects of life.
  • Parashakthi Asthra Sadhanav Siddha Surya Yoga with Siddha kalpa Vruksha Yoga
  • Meditation in the Cave of Leo.
  • Attuning to the Aquarian Equinox.
  • Shiva Damaru Nadha: This method will release negative energy from our system in a forceful way while energizing the person.
  • Beam of light: This is a very effective way to protect and heal yourself, your loved ones and your homes.
  • Tunnel of light: Release of karmic factors from the subconscious mind– Powerful and Fast technique.
  • Healing with Guru Goraksha Meru. The above description is just a hazy glimpse of the grace this program sheds; hazy because it is a subject matter ones experience, but not mere talking. So, let the grace of Lord/Guru Sreepada Sreevallabha flow in your life.

Note: “All the above-mentioned sadhanas are meditative in nature and are not outward puja rituals as it is said Antharmukha Samaradhya Bahirmukha Sudhurlabha.”

These are closely guarded secrets of the Great Himalayan Siddhas, which are for the very first time revealed by their own grace.

* Request you to be seated 15 minutes before time on 15th Oct for registration.
** Lunch and Tea would be provided at the Venue

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