Sunday, June 17, 2012

Message from Guru Atmananda


Man was born free and was always destined to live free, but it is the birth of cults, religions, institutions, and organizations that have grouped men under various categories and have built walls around the human intellect, the purpose of which was to develop or evolve.

True, in fact, very true.

Siddha Sanmarga is an organization that has been working relentlessly for the past two-and-a-half years for the upliftment of the mankind.  Whatever being taught at Siddha Sanmarga workshops is purely scientific and in accordance with the teachings of the great ancient masters.  The Fourth dimensional dhyana and healing and Sri Vidya being taught at Siddha Sanmarga is absolutely in alignment with the teachings of great Siddha Master “Baba Nithyananda of Ganeshpuri”, who took Mahasamadhi in 1947.  Yet, Guru Atmananda does not claim to be a disciple of any named Guru and says that anyone who taught him anything good is his Guru.  Recollect one of his sayings “your guru is your personified teachability”He says, a guru should externally be strict but internally, he should feel as if he is serving his own guru who has taken the form of sadhaks. 

In the same spirit, Siddha Sanmarga has always been trying to teach and build values in the sadhaks and cut the false concepts to help people understand wisdom or the state of being in a better way to those who attend workshops.  Unfortunately, these false concepts and practices are imbibed in them by some great ones and some of these may coincidentally belong to a group.  For an example, people are asked to greet people in a certain way by taking the gods name or a mantra, which people do mindlessly.  It becomes a mere mechanical action without any feelings.  In the process of cutting such false concepts of sadhaks, who attend the programs, Siddha Sanmarga sincerely does not mean any harm to such groups or people who are bound by their own constricted thought patterns.  India is a democratic country and people are free to follow or believe what they think is best.  Siddha Sanmarga only aims to uplift the thought process of sadhaks who attend the workshops. 

Guru Atmananda is an authentic and a genuine master of Srividya, who has learned this from the masters of very high order in the Himalayas.  During Srividya workshops, he has always spoken about the scientific part of Srividya by using many concepts of Magnetism, Thermodynamics, Genetics, laws of motion, and Geometry.  Siddha Sanmarga is committed in deciphering detailed and very original, and authentic teachings of Srividya.  He always teaches from him own soul wisdom and is the only and first master who is popularly known to teach Shodashi Mudras along with Shakthipatha, Pranapatha, and Shivpatha.  He is the first one to intricately explain the meaning of such mudras in an utmost scientific way.  Siddha Sanmarga declares with authority that it has never taught and will never teach what other masters or the other organizations have taught.

Tantra is a science, please do not give it a cheap interpretation.  What Lord Shiva has given to Maa Shakti is in the from of 64 mantras, 64 yantras, and 64 tantras.  Sri Vidya is the Maha tantra, Maha mantra, and Maha yantra.

Sri Vidya is that divine knowledge that encapsulates all the maha-vidyas and vidyas. Any divine meditation or sadhana taught by any guru is part of the divine Sri Vidya. So whatever is taught in the name of divine, is Sri Vidya alone. It is the people with low intellect differentiate the Sri Vidya and any Vidya. No one can ever claim to be the sole teacher of Sri Vidya. It is the grace of great Himalayan siddha masters who produce the Gurus of modern day to go the masses and teach them right sadhana. Every Guru is assigned a specific objective and every objective has different and definite means. No one can claim that my means is better than others as all means have same goal.

So all Gurus are responsible and answerable to the holy Himalayan siddhas. It is so unfortunate, once being a master, we stop focusing on the objectives and start behaving like politicians.

Lord Dattatreya once said, learn from all and he himself learned from so many things, for example Ants. He also said there will be great avatars of my own self who will come after me, and this process will continue. It is nature’s nature to evolve and more siddhas will continue take birth whenever the mankind needs them. But gurus of modern days refrain their sadhaks from learning and increasing their teachability and making them frogs in the well. Lord Krishna said:
yada yada hi dharmasya 
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srjamy aham


Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion--at that time I descend Myself.

Needless to say, these days, spirituality has become a sort of business and hence all this hype and publicity for false values and processes.  Siddha Sanmarga with its pragmatic approach is creating insecurity among certain institutions, and therefore in an attempt to save their mass numbers, the institutions are putting baseless allegations on Siddha Sanmarga and resorting to character assassinate Guru Atmananda so that his message and practical approaches do not reach the massesWhen there were so many ill philosophies among the groups giving a threat to the true Vedic philosophy, the greatest of the gurus, Sri Jagath Guru Adi-Sankaracharya came and conducted a series of debates on the philosophies of those organizations and re-established the truth.  Guru Atmananda considers himself as the follower and sadhak of the great Sri Jagath Guru Adi-Sankaracharya and he too cuts the various false concepts of the groups.  Instead of debating of the niceties of the concepts, there are institutions that are trying to character assassinate Guru Atmananda.  This in any case will not be tolerated henceforth.  No one can prove Guru Atmananda wrong by putting baseless allegations upon him.

Some institutions are also advocating that practicing Siddha Sanmarga’s methods of dhyan will yield negative results in the long run. Those institutions tried and obviously could not prove any in the short term and so they are using such cheap psychological influences to scare the masses and deprive them of the truth so that they remain attached with the same institution.

There are institutions who teach a part of Srividya and there are some, with great ones, who teach some petty part of Srividya and encourage people meditating on the Srichakra.  There is a group of sadhaks who have come to Siddha Sanmarga on their own accord from other organizations and their participation is increasing.  As Guru Atmananda has recently initiated the Maha mantra Shodashidiksha to the sadhaks, the institutions are feeling the heat and instigating its followers by talking ill about Siddha Sanmarga.  (It is important to consider that whoever came to Siddha Sanmarga has come by the word of mouth or after hearing the benefits from their friends and relatives.  Many sadhaks have given great feedback to the organizers about their divine experiences and all of them attended the workshops out of their own free will).

Carefully examine some of the things that are said and done at Siddha Sanmarga and then form your own opinion.

It is well known to the sadhaks who have attended workshops at Siddha Sanmarga that Guru Atmananada only asks the sadhaks to concentrate on their own connection between the heart soul and universal soul.  This, in no sense can be called a bad practice and this connection is the very essence of the being.  Sadhaks have expressed the peacefulness, tranquility, and other great experiences which were never felt before.  Many sadhaks are benefited which drew large numbers from other institutions.  Due to the fear of losing people from their group, the institutions these days have started talking ill about Siddha Sanmarga.  If this is not the case, then why they waited so long.  What have they been doing all this while and now showing concern about their people’s wellbeing.  When some sadhaks expressed having extremely good experiences and improvement in their life, there are these great ones who say it is just hallucination.  How in the name of god can Guru Atmananda go to each ones home to hallucinate them?  Guru Atmananda never asked any sadhak to imagine.  In fact, Guru Atmananda always says, “if you try to meditate, then in that very trying, you cannot truly meditate.  It is only when you lose your false self that you will find your true self”

Siddha Sanmarga says, instead of worshiping a metal Sriyantra, worship every woman as the very existence of devi and every human body as the live Srichakra.  Many sadhaks still remember Guru Atmananda saying that ever since a Srichakra was made, no goddess ever came to live in it, but ever since a female child was born, the divine mother never left her very being.  Siddha Sanmarga does not sell inventory intentionally so it can always speak truth.  Siddha Sanmarga urges all the people to first respect woman and then the Srichakra.

Siddha Sanmarga always advocated that girl children are the physical embodiment of mother BalaTripurasundari and it is the very duty of every mother and father to secretly and silently meditate upon the young girl child as the holy mother.  This way the child gets magnetized as the holy mother.  Siddha Sanmarga has always asked a question to its sadhaks, which also serves an example – you take a stone idol and pray that as the divine mother with complete devotion and you will see that the very same stone turns into mother consciousness and becomes an idol of worship.  If this is true, then it should be same with your young female child too.

Siddha Sanmarga says, every pregnant woman is the divine mother in creation and all Sri Vidya sadhaks should respect and perform sadhana considering her as live goddess Tripurasundari who is in creation.  How can this divine sadhana ever be given names? Many will testify that whenever a pregnant woman attended a workshop of Guru Atmananda, he has always given special attention to her and made everyone in the workshop respect and meditate upon her with a feeling in heart that she herself is the live mother goddess Tripurasundari in creation.  Such is the respect that Guru Atmananda displays towards a woman.  It is only people who want to run their organizations by fear, talk ill about Guru Atmananda.

Every Sri Vidya sadhak should meditate on their wife, mother, sister and daughter as live existence of goddess Tripurasundari.  During workshops, Guru Atmananda makes husband and wife sit opposite to each other and using the divine Shodashi Mudras makes them meditate upon each other as Shiv and Shakti.  This is exactly what the greatest guru of all times “Guru Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa” has done with “Sri Guruma Sarada Devi”.  What can be wrong in this?  If people can give names to what Guru Atmananda teaches, then they are giving names to Guru Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa also.  There is no element of superstition or ill teaching in this.  Shodashi mudras are considered very secret and divine and are mostly conveyed only by the Guru to disciple directly.  We fail to understand what the actual grouse of the people is with Guru Atmananda teaching the divine Shodashi Mudras.  In the society we see many old people blessing the young couples to lead life like Shiv and Parvathi.  When guru Atmananda is asking the sadhaks to feel in the same way and meditate in the same way, then what could be wrong in this practice?  There are innumerable cases where people have done this and reported a great improvement in their family life.

Almost all the sadhaks who have attended Siddha Sanmarga workshops have observed significant improvement in their daily life by doing regular sadhana. Guru Atmananda assures every sadhak that they will see a series of more such improvements when they perform sadhana with devotion. He says one who does sadhana basing trust on the holy mother Tripurasundari and Guru Dattatreya will be definitely benefitted in the long term.

“The organizations are for the people but not people for the organizations”.  Guru Atmananda says, do not belong to me or to any other organization.  Please belong to yourself, because your “self” is the god that you are seeking.  As long as you belong to something or the other, the true self cannot be contemplated and meditated upon and hence it can never be understood.  It appears that the institutions do not appreciate what Guru Atmananda teaches, but worry that he is snatching away their people with his teachings.  Guru Atmananda need not snatch anyone from any group which follows a cult or a group.  There is no need for the institutions to worry that Guru Atmananda will snatch their people.  Siddha Sanmarga is a school where people come to learn and go.  Siddha Sanmarga never preaches them to stay here forever.  There have been instances when Guru Atmananda has told frequently visiting sadhaks “what is the need to come all along when I am there everywhere”.  A true guru is etched in the sadhak’s soul, so you do not need to come to me frequently.

The mission of Siddha Sanmarga is the upliftment of woman, and yes of course it has been successful in that.  Guru Atmananda says there are so many male siddhas and very few female siddhas and it is his job that he create 500 female siddhas in his lifetime.  Of course, now with the blessings of the great bondage organizations, which talk so much ill in particular about Siddha Sanmarga, this mission is at threat and people might again ill-treat woman and give more respect to Srichakra.  Guru Atmananda will ensure his mission succeeds.

Guru Atmananda says that “a trust which is not tested cannot be trusted.  So please trust me only after testing me.  ”There are so many people out there who testify that they go into deep mediation just by taking the name of the Guru Atmananda even at their homes or any other place.  The people also testify to say that they experience a state of mediation even while working.  Guru Atmananda always insisted that people should meditate 24 hours.  Samadhi is not something that you go in and come out, but it is a state that you should always be in.  Samadhi can only be aptly described as the state of being of the true self.

At Siddha Sanmarga, Guru also talks about how to be a good follower so that we evolve as a leader tomorrow.  It is also noteworthy that he emphasizes on being a good follower to be a good leader.  He has come across people who at the call of the Guru to become a leader, start acting as leaders immediately.  A leader should lead by example and be absolutely selfless.

Some organizations go to the extent of saying that follow me now and in the latter times follow my son.  This is like a king’s son becoming the king at a later date and keeping followers as followers forever.  It is so unfortunate that the good old days of royal dynasties have gone in politics, but they still exist in spirituality.  But soon there will be a time when the common sadhaks will get elevated and Guru Atmananda with all Siddha Masters is at work to accomplish this.  Guru Atmananda urges people not to make spiritual organizations as political organizations.  Let people get the choice to choose and organizations not scare them by saying somebody else is scaring them.  People!!Please, don’t be fooled. 

My dear sadhaks, please don’t listen to someone just because someone who is prominent to you said something.  Believe in your own experience, your inner voice, and your genuine rationale out of your own conviction and benediction. Time to wake up.

I recollect here the poem of great poet Sri Rabindranath tagore.

Where The Mind Is Without Fear
Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high 
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father,
 let my country awake.

Guru Atmananda says:
“A trust which is not tested cannot be trusted.  So please trust me only after testing me.”

“A true guru has to uplift sadhaks when they go to him, but not waste their time by talking ill, throwing mud and muck on others”. 

“Your mind is the modulator of your energy; it increases, decreases, or even magnetizes your energy.  It is more powerful than the spiritual energy that one gains.  So do not believe that you have gained more by gaining energy.  Also realize that your energy can never be taken away from you without your consent at any cost.  The highest is already within you”

“One can only become a sadhak by learning how to decipher the truth out of the untruth, the hamsak shira naya; by practicing the hamsa kshira naya one becomes the hamsa to be in the state of paramahamsa”

Note:- Siddha Sanmarga believes in universal consciousness & brotherhood. Sri-Vidya is a sadhana of Real-Self & Real-Self does not have levels